Anticorrosion Blue Polyken Visco Elastic Pipe Wrapping Tape

If you are looking for China golden supplier and China good supplier anticorrosion blue polyken visco elastic pipe wrapping tape,Website:, good quality and high quality anticorrosion blue polyken visco elastic pipe wrapping tape, please feel free to contact Jining Qiangke Pipe Anticorrosion Materials Co.,Ltd.    System Descriptionanticorrosion blue polyken visco elastic pipe wrapping tape is a new-type high-performance viscoelastic polyolefin material. It preserves the dual characteristics of the 100% solid adhesive material and liquid adhesive material. In normal conditions, its viscoelastic property will keep above 30 years. This product has excellent viscolastic , water-proof sealant and easy-used characters.VISCO ELASTIC COATING is a 2-layer system that consists of a corrosion protective inner wrap (VISCOWRP) and mechanical protective outer wrap that can be a PE, PVC or PU composite outer wrap.Rehabilitation of existing PE coatingSelf recovering in the case of small damages inflicted by stones, sand or bugs. Backfilling can take place immediately after application which reduces the turnaround costs and contractors idletime.Features  -Is easy to use and can be applied in almost any situation, including below- and above-grade structures and steel pipelines,elbow pipe, pipe bending, three joints and insulated flange.-Remains flexible even after decades-Adheres to any dry surface, such as concrete, steel, pvc, piping, ducts, etc.-Is easy and safe to use. No primers, solvents or heating are required.-Is the latest viscous elastic coating, with unique features.-100% impervious to moisture and gases.Works as a corrosion / vapor barrier, water stop and encapsulation agent-Is a long-term solution for Soil-to-air transitions, Field joints, High salt and water content,In-ditch applications,Pipeline Renovation Repair- Excellent Self healing-No curing time,Permanent wetting characteristics.-100% inert formulation : no reactive groups and no deterioration in the course of time.-30 years product warranty.Simple and Easy for applicatorsEasy to mouldDoes not age, crack, tearVariable product versions:gun, wrap, sausage, tubePropertiesItemTest methodPerformancecolorVisual estimationGreen or bluethicknessISO 90011.8-2.0mmDensityDIN 534791.6-1.7g/cm3Application temperature---40 to +70℃Water absorptionASTM D 570﹤0.1%Tensile strengthDIN 3067245N/cmpeel strength to steel (23℃)ISO 21809-3Tested on steel (Sa2 1/2,St2 and St3)and plant coatings PP,PE,FBE .Results on all sustrates:@-45℃-PP,PE,FBE min 3N/mm.-steel  min 20N/mm@+23℃  min0.5N/mm@+70℃  min 0.05N/mmCathodic disbondment resistanceEN 12068﹤6mmDielectric strengthDIN5348112kv/mmDrip resistanceISO21809-3Tested 72 h @130 ℃,No dripping of compoundLap shear strengthISO21809-3Tested @+23°C and +50°C  on steel(Sa 2½,, St 2 and St 3). Results on all substrates:@-45℃ min 3 N/mm2@23℃ min 0.3 N/mm2@70℃ min 0.03 N/mm2- Cohesive failure- ≥ 99% coverage of surface- ≥ 0.6 mm residual thicknessWater Vapor Transmission RateASTM E 960.025%Ordering InformationWide: 50mm,75mm,100mm,150mmLength: 5m,10m,20mPackingCoiled on cardboard cores.Packed in cardboard boxes.


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