5L Spray Dryer

If you are looking for chemical,Website:http://www.toptiontech.com, biology, pharmaceutical, and food 5l spray dryer from China 5l spray dryer, drying machine with centrifugal spray 5l, 5l dryer machine with centrifugal spray, centrifugal spay drying machine, spray drying of milk, spray drying milk powder manufacturers, suppliers and facoty, or checking 5l spray dryer customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.Working principleAir through the filter and heating devices come into the hot air distributor which is at the top of drying chamber, the hot air distributor produce hot air, then hot air come into drying chamber evenly and move spiraling, at the same time, delivery liquid material to the centrifugal spray head which is equipped at the top of drying chamber, the liquid material is sprayed as fog droplet, so as to increase the contraction surface area of liquid material and hot air, moisture to evaporate quickly, dry products within a very short time. Coarser product is collected by collection barrel which is at the bottom of dryer, waste gas discharged by centrifugal fan.Characteristic1. Quickly drying speed. Liquid material after centrifugal spraying, the surface area will increased greatly, in high temperature air flow, the moment will evaporate 95~98% of moisture content, so drying time will be about at ten seconds.2. Adopt parallel flow pattern of spray drying, during drying process, the temperature of the liquid droplet is not high, which promise high quality products. In the spray drying chamber, liquid droplet and hot air flow with same direction, although the temperature of hot air is some higher, but as hot air immediately contact with the spray liquid droplet after it come into drying chamber, the temperature of drying chamber is dip down, so will not make the dry material overheating, and suitable for drying of thermal sensitive material, the temperature of discharge product depends on the exhaust temperature, and lower than exhaust temperature.3. Wide applied area. According to the material properties, can use hot air drying, and also could use the cold wind model. Large batch materials with big different features all could be produced by this machine, common applied in: polymers and resins、dyes、color pigment、ceramic、 glass、 in addition to atrazine、 pesticides、 carbohydrates、 milk egg products、 rou acids、slaughterhouse byproducts、blood and fish products of detergent and surface dirt、fertilizer、organic compound、inorganic compound classes, etc.4. Due to the drying process is completed in an instant, the product of the approximate spherical can basically keep droplets shape, so the product is good dispersion 、fluidity and solubility.5. Production process is simple, convenient operation and easy control. Spray dryer is used for the solvent whose moisture content is 40~60%, for special material even the moisture content as high as 90%, also could be dried as powder products at one time. Most products don’t need crushing and screening after drying, so reduce the production process, simplify technological process and promise the purity of product. For the product particle size、precision an moisture, within a certain range, can change to adjust the operating conditions, control and management is very easy.6. In order to protect the material away from pollution and extend the device service life, all parts contacting with material all adopt 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel materials. In order to make operation easily, the control system use integration operation, which means that install every part’s indicating device and on/off device all in control cabinet.Technical parametersItemUnitTP-S50Max capacityml/h5000Temperature range of inlet air℃140°C ~ 300°CAdjustableTemperature range of outlet air℃80°C ~ 90°CPrecision of temperature℃±1Dryer timeS1.0 ~ 1.5Speed of squirt pumpml/h5000Spray system/Centrifugal nozzleSpray direction/Downwards co-currentElectrical heating powerkw9Heat source/ElectricTotal power/10KW 380VStainless steel tank diametermm800Dried powder restoring rate%≥95Centrifugal spray rotation typeCompressed air rotationRotate speedrpm25000Diameter of spray traymm50Dimensionmm1800*930*2200


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