50L Industrial Rotary Evaporator Customize

RE-5250A rotary evaporator capacity is 50L,Website:http://www.toptiontech.com, anti-explosion system is available, which makes it be suitable for industrial production in pharmaceutical, chemical and bio-pharmaceutical industry, mainly for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and dissolution of coal recovery. TOPTION as star lab solution provider, support unique customization of rotary evaporator based on your actual production process.1.Advantages of RE-5250A rotary evaporator:1)Working principle of industrial rotary evaporator:2)Evaporation performance -System vacuum does not drop during discharging shift. Sample received keeps consistent quality.3)Structure rationality  -Easier installation and maintenance in compact tandem type structure.-Leakage points reduced by 50%. Ultimate system vacuum is improved further in receiving structure.2.Technical parameters of RE-5250A industrial rotary evaporator:A:99°Automatic liftingAD:180°Automatic liftingAEx:99°Automatic lifting,Whole anti-explosion systemADEx:180°Automatic lifting,Whole anti-explosion systemRelevant ModelRE-5250ARE-5250ADRE-5250AExRE-5250ADExEvaporating Flask(L)50L/F125Receiving Flask(L)20L + 10L, bottom dischargeCondensing Surface(㎡)1.5Rotation Speed (rpm)3-110Evaporating Speed (H2O)11L/HLifting TypeAutomatic liftingReachable Vacuum Rate<133Pa (1.33mbar, 1 Torr)Bath Power (kw)9Staic Temp. Control Range & Wave (℃)0-99(180) ±0.2Bath Size. Capacity Material¢55*32H, 70L, SUS304Power220V,50/60HzDimensions (cm)130*800*2300HNote: Max evaporating speed is affected by operation setting and the performances and matching levels of supporting equipment."A"-Automatic lifting, "AD"-Automatic Lifting 180℃ Oil Bath,  "AEX"-Automatic Lifting Explosion Protection.3.Safe features of RE-5250A rotary evaporatorRelevant ModelRE-5250ARE-5250ADRE-5250AExRE-5250ADExOver-current ProtectionHaveNo-spark Electronic ControlHaveEx-proof UpgradeEx-proof modification on motor, rotation & heating control, lower heating power density, equip dry heat and overheat cut-off protector4.Main configuration of RE-5250 industrial rotary evaporator:Relevant ModelRE-5250ARE-5250ADRE-5250AExRE-5250ADExCharging ValveGlassPTFE Discharge ValvePTFEPTFE Rotary Seal AssemblyHaveOverall Flange JointsHaveTaper Joint PTFE SleeveHaveFrequency Conversion Speed ControlHaveVacuum MeterHaveThrottle Valve For VacuumHaveThermometer Neck For VaporOptionalContinuous ReceivingHaveDigital DisplayBath temperature, Rotation speedEvaporating Flask Unload HandlerOptionalEx-proof MotorOptionalCold Trap Protection SystemOptionalBumping SystemHaveOptional Evaporating Flask (baffles available at request)10L,20L,30L                Mini Lab Rotary Evaporator Design DetailHow Does A Rotavap Work To Remove Solvent


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卖方: Xi’an Yiteng Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd
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