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Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner could customize widely capacity range: 3L,Website:http://www.toptiontech.com,4L,5L,6L,10L,14.4L,22.5L,30L, 120W-800W ultrasonic power is adjustable, heating power is 150W-700W, with 1-99min timer, RT-80℃ temperature range, besides these, stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner advantages as below:1.All stainless steel construction - body, tank, cover and mesh basket, mold stamping forming so without weld, beautiful appearance and excellent performance.2.Ultrasonic cleaner's inner is 1.1mm thickening type, guarantee long service life.3.Digital control working time, 1-30min adjust range.4.Double insurance switch power supply socket, safe operation for ultrasonic cleaner.5.Power line meet industrial standard, overstriking power line with heat resistance and soft resistance.ModelWorking sizeCapacityFrequencyPowerPoweradjustHeating powerTemprangeTimerCleanbasketLid drainageL * W * H (mm)LKHZW%W℃minTP3-120B240*140*1003401201-100150RT-801-99√√N/ATP5-120B240*140*1505401201-100150RT-801-99√√√TP4-180B300*155*1004401801-100180RT-801-99√√N/ATP6-180B300*155*1506401801-100180RT-801-99√√√TP10-250B300*240*15010402501-100300RT-801-99√√√TP10-300B300*240*15010403001-100300RT-801-99√√√TP14-400B300*240*20014.4404001-100300RT-801-99√√√TP22-600B500*300*15022.5406001-100500RT-801-99√√√TP30-800B500*300*20030408001-100700RT-801-99√√√Application department of ultrasonic cleaner: electronic workshop, industrial and mining company, laboratory,  hospital, watch and clock shop, eyeglasses store, jewelry store, mobile repair shop, family household use,etc.Cleaning objects of ultrasonic washers: electronic product, laboratory instruments, office supplies, household  objects, computer mainboard and parts, glass vessels, circuit board, auto parts, hardware parts, medical apparatus and instruments, false tooth and dental instrument, watch and clock, eyeglasses, jewelry, golf ball,shaver head, coin, badge, dinner service, feeding-bottle, fruits, etc.                            


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