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L G Fertilizer Co. is one of the leading China humic acid overview manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional humic acid overview company and factory, welcome to buy best and newest discount low price and high quality humic acid overview products from us.Lagopusher® Humic Acid, Potassium Humate, Fulvic Acid Quick Details                                                                                Brand Name: Lagopusher®       Place of Origin: China (Mainland)  Application: Agriculture      Appearance:Powder Product Description                                                                     Origin from Leonardite and Ocean deposit in Northwest China. Alkaline extraction.Plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner, Apply for Agricultural and Horticultural plants, Fruit Trees,Ornamental Plants, Turf and Pasture, suitable for soil and foliar application.Function                                                                                         Improve the soil structure and the water-holding capacity.Promote root development, permeability of cell-membranes, seeds germination, and increase nutrient uptake.Decrease stress by drought and stress by the application of plant treatments. Increase and stimulates beneficial micro-organisms, reduce the residues of herbicides and toxic substances in soils. Enhance the cation exchange capacity (CEC). Increase the effectiveness of fertilizers and reduce nutrient especially nitrate leaching. Acts as a natural chelator for micro-elements in alkaline soils and increase their availability for plants. Caution                                                                                           Avoid tough of the seeds, plants, tree trunks, soil and fertilizer in time after pouring enough water.Avoid spraying in sunshine and rainy dayEasy moisture, recommend sealing the bag after open each time.Swallow harmful, keep out of reach of children, pets and liverstock.Recommend to use according to local climate, soil, and application habits.Specification                                                                                  ProductSpecificationLagopusher® HA 60Humic Acid 60%Lagopusher® HA 70Humic Acid 70%Lagopusher® HA 18Humic Acid Liquid 18%Lagopusher® PH 60Potassium Humate 60%Lagopusher® PH 70Potassium Humate 70%Lagopusher® PH 80Potassium Humate 80%Lagopusher® PH 85Potassium Humate 85%Certificate                                                                                      Product Certificate:Patent for Invention   ISO9001 Fertilizer Registration CertificateCompany Honor:Package                                                                                               Package: 5Kg, 20Kg. Or client Customized Packing;Client Customized Packing:Neutral Packing: Company Culture                                                                                         


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