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L G Fertilizer Co. is one of the leading China nugget fertilizer manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional nugget fertilizer company and factory, welcome to buy best and newest discount low price and high quality nugget fertilizer products from us.Gofcote®  Nugget Slow Release FertilizerQuick Details                                                                                  Brand Name:    Gofcote®Place of Origin: Shannxi, China (Mainland)Release Type: Slow Application: Agriculture      Appearance:Nugget Product Description                                                                 Raw material used for this product are urea, UF, MAP potassium sulphate etc.General weight for one fertilizer nugget is about 20-50g, after applied in soil, it won’t be carried away by flowing water in the rainy season. The round nugget shape can be kept for a long time, and resolved gradually. In this procedure, all nutrients locked in the nanosphere released and be absorbed by plants slowly. Other UF slow release nitrogen contained needs microbe decomposition to turn into micromolecular structure to be absorbed and used by plants. So effect this triple slow release fertilizer can reach 3-6 months longevity. This product is perfectly suitable to tropical and subtropical fruit trees and forest trees where soil and water easily loses.Product Feature                                                                             Triple slow-release: Large particle round nugget, postpone dissolution; latticed nanosphere can lock nutrients, and make is release slowly; containing UF slow release composition which make nutrients release slowly in super long term, longevity can reach 3-6 months.High-efficiency: Perfectly suitable for tropical and subtropical rainy climate, strong tolerance for rain-wash, Improving utilization ratio to 2-4 times.Saving fertilizer and labor: One-time applying, offering quick-acting, intermediate-acting and long-acting nutrients which can meet plant nutrients requirement in the whole grow period. Comparing to regular fertilizing, this can save resources by using less dosage, and can save labor at the same time.Overall Nourishment: Not only plenty of NPK contained, but also various secondary and trace elements to make sure all the nutrients needed can be offered in the plant growth period. Specification                                                                                 PlantSpec.(N-P2O5-K2O-MgO-TE)Weight(g/nugget)Dosage/plant(Kg)Dosage/hectare(Kg)Longevity1 year old oil palm seedling12-12-12-5-120/25/300.03-0.062253-6 M2 year old oil palm seedling12-12-17-5-120/25/300.1-0.23003-6 M3 year old oil palm tree15-10-20-5-120/25/300.2-0.54803-6 M4 year old oil palm tree15-5-25-5-120/25/300.5-2.05403-6 M5 year old oil palm tree10-5-30-5-120/25/302.0-5.06303-6 MFruit tree13-13-13-3-120/25/300.1-5.075-20003-6 MNaseberry / Jackfruit / Guava12-12-17-3-120/25/302.0-5.0150-7503-6 MEucalyptus and others10-20-10-3-120/25/300.03-0.1600-10003-6 MCitrus / Rambutan / Banana10-5-20-5-120/25/301.0-5.075-4003-6 MRubber tree and others18-15-7-3-120/25/303.0-5.0450-7503-6 MApplication Methods                                                                      Suitable for surface broadcast application, hole application and furrow application. 10-500px depth, 1-2 times each year. Note: Due to different climate and edaphic condition in different region, before large area application, we suggest you do small-scale experiment or consult our technicians first.Caution                                                                         After opening, please tighten it, and store in cool dry place.Keep it far away from children, pets and livestock 


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