L G Fertilizer Co. is one of the leading China edta acid manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional edta acid company and factory, welcome to buy best and newest discount low price and high quality edta acid products from us.Supocote® Controlled Release Fertilizer Quick Details                                                                                Brand Name: Lagohidro®Place of Origin: Shannxi, China (Mainland)Release Type: QuickApplication: Agriculture      Appearance:PowderColor: White Introduction                                                                                       EDTA is extensively used initially for the chemical compounds ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. These colorless, water-soluble solid is widely used to dissolve scale. The usefulness of compound arises because of its role as a chelating agent, i.e. its ability to "sequester" metal ions such as Ca2+ and Fe3+.Composition                                                                                Typical PropertiesSpecificationsAppearanceWhite powderAssay99.0% minCl0.01% maxSO40.1% maxFe10 ppm maxPb10 ppm maxPH2.8-3.0Application                                                                                     Iron is an essential microelement for the growth of plants. It plays an important role activating many enzymatic biochemical processes. It influences the content of chlorophyll and it is associated with the synthesis of proteins. It positively influences absorption of phosphrous, manganese, molybdenum and copper. Iron absorption by plants is, unfortunately, disturbed in all soils that show high pH and active limestone. The addition of inorganic iron to the soil, in order to resolve the ferric chlorosis, shows no significant effect in most cases.The high quality chelated Iron-EDDHA is in prevention and cure of this micro-deficiency, the most efficient among the treatments on the soil. The Iron-EDDHA having 4.4% ortho-ortho position is recognized for its characteristic of very high stability and efficiency to elevated pH(up to 9.5) and without spraying, is the best solution for ferric chlorosis.EDDHA-Fe6 can be used by soil treatment and foliar spraying.Certificate                                                                                      Product Certificate:Patent for Invention   ISO9001 Fertilizer Registration CertificateCompany Honor:Package                                                                                               Client Customized Packing:Neutral Packing: Company Culture                                                                                         


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