Minoxidil Synonyms: Minoxidil BaseCAS: 38304-91-5 EINECS: 253-874-2 Assay: 99% min.Standard: BP/EP/USP Packing: 25kg/drum.Character: White Crystalline Solid. Usage: Used as an antihypertensive and antialopecia agent. Minoxidil activates ATP-activated K+ channels Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator medication also claiming to slow or stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth. It is available over the counter for treatment of androgenic alopecia, among other baldness treatments, but measurable changes, if experienced, disappear within months after discontinuation of treatment.Minoxidil was first sold as a pharmaceutical for high blood pressure and was noted to have the interesting side-effect of increased body hair-growth, or in some cases, significant hair loss. Treatments for baldness and hair loss usually include a 5% concentration solution that is designed for men, whereas the 2% concentration solutions are designed for women. Biological Activity: Antihypertensive. Antialopecia agent. K + channel (K ATP ) activator.


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