Betamethasone steriods

Betamethasone CAS: 378-44-9 Molecular formula: C22H29FO5 Packing: 5KG/TIN,2TIN/CTN Quality Standards: CP2005/USP/BP/EP


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Tuber Onion Seed extract steriods Tuber Onion Seed extract Appearance: Brown powder Functions and usage: The Tuber Onion seed extract has the enhancement of sexual. Mainly used for ...
Hydrocortisone steriods Hydrocortisone Molecular Formula:C21H30O5 Molecular Weight:362.5 CAS:50-23-7 Product Implementation Quality Standard: USP, EP
Melengestrol Acetate steriods Melengestrol Acetate CAS: 2919-66-6 Molecular formula: C25H32O4 Packing: 5KG/TIN,2TIN/CTN Unit: KG Quality Standards: USP31
Norethisterone (Acetate) steriods Norethisterone (Acetate) CAS:68-22-4 Description:White to creamy white crystals or crystalline powder Assay:99.1%min,USP grade
Dapoxetine steriods Dapoxetine CAS No.119356-77-3 Molecular Weight: 341.88 Molecular Formula: C21H23NO HCL Assay:99%min Appearance: White crystalline powder

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