Evodia rutaecarpa steriods

Evodia rutaecarpa Appearance: Yellow brown powder Functions:To dispel cold and alleviate pain, to relieve vomiting, and to check diarrhea;it may work on thermogenesis functions similar to capsaicin; It's a mild stimulant that helps promote energy and is also a mild diuretic. This can be helpful in regard to bodybuilding products because it can provide energy to help you boost your workout endurance. It may also help reduce body fat, which in turn will increase muscle definition. Indications:Headache accompanied by retching and cold limbs; abdominal colic; weakness and edema of the legs; abdominal pain during menstruation; epigastric distension and pain with vomiting and acid regurgitation; diarrhea occurring before dawn daily; hypertension. External use for ulcers in the mouth.


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