Methyl maltol

Product Name: Methyl maltol Alias: maltol, 3 - hydroxy -2 - methyl -4 - pyrone Product content: 99% Chemical formula: C6H6O3 CAS Number: 118-71-8 Quality Standard: HPLC Packing Specification: 25KG / barrel Properties: This product is a white crystalline powder, hard candy with a special focus butter aroma in dilute aqueous solution with a strawberry-like aroma flavor. 1 g of product can be dissolved in about 80 milliliters of water, 21 milliliters 95% ethanol, 28 milliliters propylene glycol. Melting point is about 161 ℃. Uses: malt aroma phenol is a kind of broad-spectrum synergist, with aroma, solid fragrance, by sweet role. Can prepare food spices, tobacco and spices, cosmetics, fragrance and so on, are widely used in food, beverages, tobacco, wine, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries, with obvious results. Standard: the implementation of The People's Republic of China National Standard GB12487-90, in line with the U.S. Food Chemical Codex FCC Ⅳ -97. Preservation requirements: This product should be dark seal, place a cool dry area. Avoid the smell of different miscellaneous, items stored confused. Can not directly save the case of iron.


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