Product name: L-Arginine (L-1-Amino-4-guanidovaleric acid) Properties: White orthorhombic (dihydrate) crystals or white crystalline powder. Melting point 244 ° (decomposition). The water of crystallization, after losing crystal water at 105 degrees. Soluble in water, insoluble in ether, slightly soluble in ethanol. is non-essential amino acids of adult, but slow production rate in vivo, for infants and young children as the essential amino acids, there is a certain detoxification. A large number of natural products such as exists in the protamine, the also the basic component of various proteins, so there is very extensive. Molecular Formula: C6H14N4O2 MW: 174.20 Appearance: white crystalline powder Content: 99.0% -100.0% Specific Rotation: +26.9 o - 27.9o Transmittance: ≥ 98% Chloride: ≤ 0.02% Sulfate: ≤ 0.02% Fe: ≤ 10ppm Of heavy metals: ≤ 10ppm Arsenic: ≤ 1ppm Other amino acids: it must not be detected. Loss on drying: ≤ 0.5% Residue on ignition: ≤ 0.10% PH Value :10.5-12.0 Uses: nutritional supplements. Arginine-ornithine cycle is an extremely important component of physiological functions. Eat arginine, L-arginine can increase the liver (arginase) activity, help the blood of ammonia into urea and excreted out. Therefore, L-arginine on hyperammonemia, liver dysfunction and so on. L-arginine is also the main component of sperm proteins, there is the promotion of sperm quality, and enhancing the role of sperm motility of energy.


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