Betacyclodextrin English name: Betacyclodextrin Molecular Formula: C42H70O35 Molecular Weight: 1134.99 CAS :7585-39-9 Appearance: white crystal or crystalline powder; no foul. Slightly sweet flavor. Content: "96.0-102.0% PH (PH value) 5.0-8.0 Loss on drying ≤ 14.0% Solution was clear and colors of the clear colorless degree, ≤ 2 # turbidity liquid Residue on ignition ≤ 0.1% No reducing sugar than 10 millionths Heavy metals shall not be over 0.01% Specific rotation +159 ° ~ +164 ° Total bacteria (a / g) ≤ 1000 The total number of mold (a / g) ≤ 100 Uses: medicinal excipients, excipient Packing: 10KG, 20KG / install closed, in dry places.


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卖方: Shanghai Dongmei Chemical Co.,Ltd
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