Nifuroxazide English name: Nifuroxazide CAS NO :965-52-6 EINECS No. :213-522-0 Molecular formula: C12H9N3O5 MW: 275.22 Molecular structure: Product Specification: EP5 Content: ≥ 98.5% Detailed Description: 【Physical and Chemical Properties】 yellow or bright yellow powder, slightly soluble in water. 【Quality】 EP5 Content: ≥ 98.5% (HPLC) 【Indication】 is the sole statutory EC dedicated a new high efficiency animal feed additive. 1, control E. coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella (including anatipestifer), Aerobacter aerogenes, Proteus, necrosis, such as bacilli, and Staphylococcus aureus caused by intestinal or urinary system diseases. Be effective in preventing diarrhea, promoting animal feed. 2, treatment of aquatic animals, bacteria, bacteria and fungi caused by intestinal and systemic diseases, susceptibility effects in the water is much higher than other antimicrobial agents. 3, prevention and control of coccidiosis in chickens, the White-crowned WBC protozoan disease caused by hepatitis and other diseases as well as the appendix. 4, a broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial activity of high and low inhibitory concentration. And sulfonamide, quinolone antibiotics, medicines and other non-cross-resistance. Antibacterial effect is almost independent of other organisms, the effect and stability.


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