Polymerized-2,2,4-trimethyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline resin

TMQ(RD) (Polymerized-2,2,4-trimethyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline resin) 1、Molecular Formula(C12H15N)n. n=2~4. 2、Specilication:(GB8826-88) Item High Grade Ist Grade Appearance Amber to Brown flake Soften point 80~100 80~100 Reduction in weight after heating,%≤ 0.30 0.50 Ash,%≤ 0.30 0.503、Properties:Amber to brown flake or powder. Gravity 1.05, solube in benzol, chloroform and acetone, nonsoluble in water, but little soluble in petrolem hydrocarbon. 4、Application:The product is mainly Used for natural rubber, butadiene nitrile and chloroprene rubber etal, Used in tyres, industry rubber and so on. 5、Pacdage:Polypropyrene knitted bags lined with polyethylene bags. Net weight 25kg per bag.


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