4-Acetoxystyrene 4-Acetoxystyrene monomer is mainly used in the synthesis of polyhydroxystyrene. Polyhydroxystyrene is the main component fo photoresist which currently is the main body of the 248nm photoresist resin. 248nm photoresist is mainly used in the field of microelectronic chips and liquid crystal displays,with the wavelength of 248nmKrf laser for processing medium,widely used in the large-scale industrialization lithography production. Through continuous research and innovation,our company develop a set of industrial production process of the products nd produce qualified industrial samples.It will be a positive role in promoting the 248nm photoresist localization. Molecular Formula: C10H10O2 Molecular Weight:162.19 Appearance:colorless transparent liquid,no floating debris Melting Point:7-8℃(lit.) Boiling point:260℃(lit.) Density:1.06 g/ml at 25℃(lit.) Flash Point: 190 °F


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