DESCRIPTION: Similar flavor with glucose, Sweetness is 0.7 times than sugar, it can improve flavor and taste of sweet food, also can odor suppression. Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) non-caloric sweetener, not digested, no energy value Good compatibility with food, good health effect when added to food. Easy to have Maillard reaction when heated. Not utilized by oral microbes, similar function as dietary fiber, reduce serum cholesterol, prevent colon cancer Active intestinal bifidobacterium, improve immune capacity. Raise the absorption and retention of Calcium Prevent constipationAPPLICATION: Raw material for Xylitol production. Add in pet food, flavor and odor suppression. Used in soup, puffed food and bakery, etc. Low calorie sweetener, food for patients with obesity and diabetes, anti-oxidants Good high-quality soy sauce color, golden brown coloring by Maillard reaction Raw material for meat flavor. Pharmaceutical raw material or intermediates


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