stainless steel storage tank / storage vessel / pressure vessel

Tank series strictly complied with No.31 and 32 requirements in GMP general principles (revised edition 1998), and designed, manufactured and checked according to the requirements of Steel Pressure Vessel (GB150-1998) and Steel Welding Normal Pressure Vessel(JB/T4735-1997). Apply the fast card disk style at the interface, which complied with common international standard, select imported 316L or 304 for inner container, and internal surface polishes with mirror plate Ra<0.4um while external surface polishes with satin finish, mirror plate or 2B primary color.There are liquid level gauge interface, respirators interface, thermometer interface, CIP cleaning orifice, sight glass, anti-explosion optic light, SIP disinfection hole, liquid inlet and outlet, access hole and so on at the pipe orifice. It can be designed and manufactured fully according to the realistic request of client. ALSO: forced circulation evaporator,falling film evaporator,multi effect forced circulating evaporator,waster water evaporator,waste water treatment system,chemical wastewater treating equipment,thermal recycling extracting units,multi effect concentrator,multi effect concentration equipment,alcohol recovery tower,alcohol recovery equipment,medical storage tank,chemical storage vessel,industry storage tank,blending tank,blending vessel,industry reactor tank,reacting vessel,reacting tank,agitator tank,mixing equipment,mixing machine,mixing tank,mixing vessel,chemical mixer,horizontal storage tank,pharmacutical storage tank,heat exchanger,heat exchanging equipment,heat exchanging machine,HS type tubular oil cooler,oil cooling machine,emulsifier,vacuum emulsifier unit,crystallization evaporator,crystallization equipment,crystallization machine,thermal vapour recompression evaporator,TVR recompression evaporator,cosmetic cream production line,cosmetic cream equipment,medical cream producing machine,tomoto ketchup production line,tomoto ketchup making machine,tomoto sause making equipment,tomato paste production line,tomato paste equipment,tomato paste making machine,fruit joice production line,fruit joice producing machine,fruit joice making equipment,pharmacutical equipment,pharmacutical production line,pharmacutical machine,medicine production line,medicine extraction machine,alcohol recycling machine,food additive production line,starch sugar production line,concentrating equipment,concentration machine,concentration equipment,milk production line,milk concentration equipment,medicine extraction machine,pressure vessel,evaporation technology,concentration technology,alcohol recycling machine,alcohol recycling equipment,extraction equipment,crystallier technology,MVR evaporator,joice evaporator system,tomato paste processing machine,fruit joice concentrating production line,fruit joice producing equipment,orange joice production line,orange joice equipment,carrot joice producing machine,Tomato paste evaporator,tomato ketchup production line,tomato paste machine,tomato paste processing machine,tomato paste equipment,tomato paste production line,tomato sause equipment,fruit processing machine,fruit joice concentrating production line,beverage processing machine,lotion production line,lotion making machine,lotion equipment,pharmacutical mixing tank,chemical industry waste water treatment,chemical industry stroage tank,alcohol recycling equipment,stainless steel storage tank,agitated tank _---------- Please contact us at: Ms.Alice Wang Anhui OECH Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd. Tel: +86-551-66397283 Fax: +86-551-65397781 Mobile: +86-152-22917464 E-mail: O E C H M A C H I N E (at) 1 6 3 . C O M MSN: O E C H M A C H I N E (at) H O T M A I L . C O M


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卖方: Shanghai Dongmei Chemical Co.,Ltd
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