Super Absorbent Polymer

Keywords: Super Absorbent Polymer

CAS NO:  9003-01-4

Specification: Size: 20 meshes to 120 meshes


It has excellent water absorbing property, and can improve the dryness and leak resistance of hygienic products. For those hygienic products which have higher requirement on the water retention property, it has outstanding performance.



white crystaline power

Absorbance of 0.9%NaCl,  (g/g)


Absorbance of 0.9% NaCl Under Load (0.3psi), (g/g)


Absorbance of Distilled Water, (g/g)


Absorbance of Water , (g/g)


Absorbing Rate of Water( 80g water/g),(s)


Seepage Discharge, (g/2g)


PH Value


Moisture content,%


Particle size, mesh

20~60 ,30~60,40~100,40~120,60~100,60~120



Super absorbent polymer which is made of sodium polyacrylate and is mainly applied to sanitary towel products, has a unique body structure and excellent hydrophilic groups which ensure that it is insoluble in water and can also absorb several hundred times of water or several times of physiological saline (body fluid) than the self-weight, and has excellent water retention property. The SAP for sanitation also has excellent properties of quick liquid absorption speed, high pressurized absorption, good gel strength, good moisture resistance and so on. The sanitation SAP, which adopts advanced production technology, has low monomer residue, is nontoxic and odorless, is non-stimulant to the skin, can also be completely degraded into small molecules such as water, carbon dioxide and so on, (the super absorbent polymer has large water absorbing capacity, strong water retention property, and good biodegradation performance), and is an eco-friendly high-tech product.

Package & Storage: Packaged by a three-layer composite bag, 20kg/bag, 25kg/bag.

It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry storehouse, has a storage period of three years since the day of production, and can still be used when qualified through the inspection.

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