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Tilmicosin phosphate

1.Product Information

Product Name: Tilmicosin phosphate
Synonyms: 20-deoxo-20-(3,5-dimethyl-1-piperidinyl)desmycosin phosphate;TILMICOSIN PHOSPHATE;tilmicosina fosfato;TilMicosin Base( Phosphate);20-Deoxy-20-(3,5-diMethylpiperidin-1-yl)-desMycosin phosphate;tilmicosin phosphate(animal use);Phosphate Tilmicosin
CAS: 137330-13-3
MF: C46H83N2O17P
MW: 967.13

2.Product Description

3.Ordering Information

a)About Transportation: We use the fastest and most secure way, usually via FedEx, DHL, etc.

b)About Delivery: Spot a working day delivery, spot consultation is generally three working days of delivery, the specific circumstances please contact sales confirmation.

c)Discounts and promotions: please contact our sales staff.

d)Room temperature, the dark moisture airtight and dry.

4.About us
Wuhan Casrn Chemical Co ., Ltd, a global supplier of Tilmicosin phosphate, CAS offers for your requirements of RND / Development quantities or commercials, based on status of the product. We can also offer its intermediates with supportive technical package required for evaluation.Tilmicosin phosphate'Solubility, Solubility in water,Tilmicosin phosphate dissolved in physiological saline,Tilmicosin phosphate dissolved in PBS buffer,Tilmicosin phosphate dissolved in an organic solvent DMSO, ethanol and the like,Tilmicosin phosphate Manufacturers, Tilmicosin phosphate suppliers, Tilmicosin phosphate prices, Tilmicosin phosphate quotes, Tilmicosin phosphate quotations, Tilmicosin phosphate spot, Tilmicosin phosphate export,


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