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Provide Cobamamide by the famous brand is Casrn Chemical,Is one of the main export Cobamamide of Casrn Chemical,Cobamamide comply with CP2010/USP36/EP7.0/BP2013, etc.
Standard,We have the most professional R & D team through the optimization of the Cobamamideion of synthetic routes and become,With high content, easy storage, easy transportation, high resistance, high purity
Degree and its effect is good, and so on,Reduce the use of the customer's Cobamamideion, so that the customer's Cobamamideion costs reduced by about 20%,Casrn Chemical brand Cobamamide have been sold all over the
All continents, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia, the United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, India, South Korea, Brazil and other regions and countries. Casrn Chemical brand Cobamamide invites you to cooperate!
Supply Cobamamide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Chinese manufacturers
A.Cobamamide technical index
Cobamamide name:Cobamamide
Molecular formula:

Molecular weight:

Content: 99%

B.Cobamamide application domain

Cobamamide are widely used in pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.. Good compatibility with other Cobamamide. Kassin chemical brand Cobamamide
Committed to provide Cobamamide quality, the use of the export standards are.

C.Cobamamide packaging and storage
Packing: carton lined with kraft paper bags and plastic bags, net weight 25KG or 10KG.

Aluminum lined with plastic bags, each net weight 5KG or 1KG.
Transport: General
All kinds of vehicle transportation, keep dry, and equipped with a waterproof, waterproof and damp proof facilities; not with toxic, harmful and abnormal smell of the other goods
Mixed; forbidden rain, water and other dirt.

D.Cobamamide ordering and sales,
Order process:
1, electric power (the number of orders, delivery methods, procurement, etc., call 15002719264: or online :casrnchem)

2, the signing of the contract (after the two sides confirmed that is correct, through scanning and fax cover company contract stamp and signature, the entry into force of the rear true etc.
From the original)

3, form of payment, our company can accept the bank remittance, the customer can also be through Western Union. Palpay. Your aspects we are
Biggest pursuit)

4. The mode of delivery (according to your requirements, delivered from you recently, the most convenient address, bulky goods we give preference to choose logistics, small
We give priority to express delivery.
5, other items (call 15002719264 (: or online :casrnchem,
If you have any problems in the use of the Cobamamide are welcome to contact us, we will provide the best service to you.


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