Sodium Sulfide

Sodium sulfide[Molecular Formula ] : Na2S[EINECS] : 215-211-5[Cas No]. 1313-82-2[Molecular Weight]: 78.03  [Appearance]: Yellow flake or Red flake [HS code]:2832.10[Toxicity]:Oral Rat LD50: 208 mg/kg[Specific Gravity]:1.86[Solubility in water]: Soluble (slightly soluble in alcohol)[PH]: Alkaline[Stability]: Stable under ordinary conditions. Oxidizes in air[General Applications]:Sodium Sulfide is a yellow to red solid;soluble in water,Website:,slightly soluble in alcohol.It is a strong reducing agent and reacts with oxidants. It is primaily used in pulp and paper industry;It is used in water treadment as an oxygen scavenger agent,in the photographic industry to protect developer solutions from oxidation,in textile industry as a bleaching as a desulfurizing and as a dechlorinating agent and in leather trade for the sulfitization of tanning extracts. It is used in chemical manufacturing as a sulfonation and sulfomethylation is used in the production of rubber chemicals, sulfur dyes and other chemical compounds.Its used in other applications include ore flotation,oil recovery,food preservative, making dyes and detergent[Packages]25kgsBagsTwo grade:Grade 1Apperance    red flakesNa2S      60% minNa2CO3     2.0% maxFe       150ppm maxWater Insolubles 0.5% maxGrade 2Apperance    yellow flakesNa2S      60% minNa2CO3     2.0% maxNa2S2O3     2.05 maxFe       30ppm maxWater Insolubles 0.5% max


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