Asbestos Jointing Rubber Sheet

Asbestos Jointing Sheets Asbestos Jointing Sheets are made from selected asbestos fibre,Website:, natural rubber, filling material and dye. A price worthy quality of dependable performance, plus adaptability to many sealing requirements makes this jointing the most economical sheet packing choice in the wide range of industrial fields. Available color: Purple, red, black, grey etc.Available with tin steel, copper, SS304 etc. wire mesh insertion Style No: TXA-20 Temperature:max 200°C Pressure:max 2.3 MpaTensile Tensile Strength :≥9Mpa Denstiy:1.6-2.0g/cm3 Style No: TXA-30 Temperature:max 300°C Pressure:max 3.5 Mpa Tensile Strength :≥12Mpa Denstiy:1.6-2.0g/cm3Style No: TXA-40 Temperature:max 400°C Pressure:max 5.0 Mpa Tensile Strength: ≥15Mpa Denstiy:1.6-2.0g/cm3 Style No: TXA-50 Temperature:max 500°C Pressure:max 6.0 MpaTensile Tensile Strength: ≥19Mpa Denstiy:1.6-2.0g/cm3


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