PTFE Envelope Gasket

PTFE Envelope Gasket PTFE  Envelope Gasket with a good quality product filled with filler that have  excellent compressibility  and recovery inside,Website:, is coated with PTFE that have excellent  chemical-resitance  and stress-relaxation is small in high load, have a excellent seal ability.PTFE Envelope Gasket 1.Full Envelope Gasket  2.Half Envelope GasketGeneral Applications: Strong acids alkalis, Oxygen  chlorine gas,  Flange  parts for organic solvent, Gaskets for electric insulation flange. Gasket Core: Metallic Gasket ,Asbestos, Non Asbestos,  Rubber, MillboardTemperature: -100º C - 250º C Pressure: 5 Mpa Supplying  Size: DN 10-600mm / NPS 1/2"~24" Stardand:ASMEB16.21,DIN,GB,HGT ect.Certificater: FDA 21 CFR177.1550,ROHS,MSDS The Third Party Inspection Institution:TUV Germany PTFE Envelope Gaskets are available in a wide variety of models. Typical Styles:Non-asbestos Jointing Sheet Non-asbestos Jointing sheet is made from synthetic fibre, natural rubber,compression moilding it. Used for the equipment in water,steam,etc and used as sealing material in the joints of pipeline. Normal colour: Black with some white, Blue or Green-white etc. Material:available with tin steel, copper, SS304 etc. wire mesh insertion, Resistance to to media: Water, seawater, steam, fuel, gases, salt solutions and many other media. Data Sheet:                       ItemTXB200TXB300TXB400Density g/cm31.8~2.01.8~2.01.8~2.0Tensile strength ≥Mpa6912.5Compressibility ≥%12±512±512±5Recovery ≥%404545Aging Coefficient0.90.90.9Stress Relaxation ≤%454545Steam SealingTmax:   200℃Tmax:   300℃Tmax:   400℃Pmax: 2~3MpaPmax: 4~5MpaPmax: 8~9Mpa30min30min30minno shockno shockno shockTmax:  ℃200300400Pmax:  Mpa1.535Resistance To MediaWater, seawater, steam, fuel,  gases, salt solutionsDrawing:


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