One-directional Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

expanded  ptfe is virgin ptfe to which a stress resistance has been added by means of  molecular rearrangement during manufacture. this process ensures that the  molecular chains from which the ptfe is constructed,Website:, do not arrange themselves  into set patterns. this means that expanded ptfe possesses no structural  weakness and expands and contracts equally in all directions. because no additives are required,expanded ptfe also possesses the unique chemical  resistance of virgin ptfe. expanded ptfe sealant joint tape  other name eptfe self-adhesive flange tape an inorganic sealant for static  applications made of 100% ptfe.and the taple is with one side has  excellent characteristic, corrosion-resistant, flexiable, convenient. it's also  used for seals in glass, enamel, flanges etc.temperature limitd:-268°c up to 316°c pressure limit:full vacuum up to 3000 psi (210 bar)  certificater: fda 21 cfr177.1550 & rohs2.0 the third party inspection institution:tuv  germanyapplications: fume ducts, steam vessel flanges, concrete lids, manways, glass joints, ceramic  joints, heat exchangers, water systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems,  fiberglass reinforced plastic vessels, pump or compressor housing flanges,  or practically any other industrial equipment where you require a long-life, trouble-free seal that cuts maintenance costs.we have different grade of ptfe joint sealant as customers request: grade  a: japanese raw material & 3m advesive grade  b: export to europe/japan/north america mainly grade  c: general gradedata  sheet:                    mediaacids,alkalis, solvents, gases, etc.temperature-240 up to 260°cpressure100 barph-value0 - 14density0.75g/cm³or on request dimension:  width/mmthickess/mmwidth/mmthickness/mm1.5315532163521656317572.518583205942551033051044041245031451001


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