Concentrated Blended Smooth Agent Emulsion RH-NB-553H

Product Information【Product Name】Concentrated blended smooth agent emulsion RH-NB-553H【Introduction】 This product belongs to special organic silicone compound【Advantage】 (1)Comprehensive handle feeling is good; (2)Little effect to color shade and yellowing change【Basic Character】Appearance: Milky liquidIonic:Weak CationicSolid content: 27%—28%(105℃,Website:,3hours)【Application】Denim fabric washing【Usage amount for reference 】 Dipping processRH-NB-553G(1:1~1)    5~8%Temperature:35~40℃PH Value:5~6Time:20~30min【Package】50KG/Drum, 120KG/Drum, 190KG/Drum, 950KG/Drum.【Storage】Store in cool, ventilated warehouse, 6 months of storage expiry.


至: Runhe Chemical Holding Co.Ltd
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