Liquid Silicone Rubber For Mould

Addition Curable Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mould RH-G7-33Product Name:Addition Curable Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mould RH-G7-33Character: Appearance:TransparentViscosity(25℃,Website:,mPa.s): 50000–73000Operability time: 3 hours in common temperatureDensity(25℃): 0.9800-0.9900Hardening time: 20-30min/90℃Hardness:Shore A 36Tensile strength: 8.0-12.0MpaExtension rate: 300-500%Tearing strength:18-25KN/mFeature: Advantages: High transparency. Good de-moulding and can be de-moulded for 25 times. It has no spot and line. This product is made by addition reaction, middle temperature solidified addition style liquid silicone glue. It has good transparent degree and demoulding effect, widely used in the mold of epoxy imitation diamonds (2D or 3D diamond), and crystal molding,and mold for other exquisite reproduction products.Base agent: handener =10:1Package: 20Kg/Barrel. It can be stored half a year


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