Liquid Silicone Rubber For Scutcheon

Liquid Silicone Rubber for Scutcheon RH-G3Brief introduction:Transparent two component addition type liquid silicone rubber.Good weather resistance,Website:, small shrinkage,good size stability, good adhesion with the cloth.Widely used in the production of clothing acutcheon. The printed letters and patterns has good sense of three-dimension. Non-stick feel; Moderate viscosity, easy to use, middle temperature rapid curing,also has excellent peel strength, abrasion resistant, bright. Environmental and non-toxic. It is an excellent alternatives of PVD (plastisol), PU, and PA resins.Purpose:Clothing scutcheon, clothing patterns, Scutcheon of sports gloves, handbags, travel bags, luggage, etc. Specifications:Component AComponent BViscosity(25℃)mpa.s70000~800003000~5000Mixing proportion(weight ratio)10010Curing temperature,℃80~150Hardness (ShoreA)30~40Tensile Strength,MPa8~9Elongation, %≧400Tearing strength, KN/M≧ 20                             Using method:Mix A and B at a rate of 10:1 in container, stir quickly to even.Vacuum degassing. Prepare for immediately use according to the dosage.Start from small dosage to know the using skill.Storage and attention:1.Avoid the products contact with the compound containing N,P,S,Sn,etc  2.Avoid moisture which will reduce the lifetime.3, Validity period is more than 6 months, it can be used after the validity period if the test result is up to the standard.Package:20kg plastic drum. Transport as non-dangerous goods.


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