Injection Molding Silicone Rubber For Insulator

Injection molding silicone rubber RH-G601Liquid Silicone Rubber for Middle and Low Voltage ResistanceProperty:2-components addition cured liquid silicone rubber,Website:, which is suitable for injection molding, with standing middle and low voltage resistance, mixing ration of parts A:B=1:1, catalyzed by Platinum.Feature:Low ViscosityFine hydrophobicityHigh tear strengthRapid vulcanization at moderate and low temperatureFine tracking resistanceTypical specifications:UncuredpropertiespropertiesUnitFigureAppearance:A transparent,B greyViscosityPa.S140/160Operative time after mixturehr,25℃48CuredpropertiesSpecific gravityg/cm31.10Shore A hardness40Tensile strengthMPa7.0Elongation at break%450Tear strengthKN/m21Volume resistivityΩ.cm4.6×1015Relative permittivity  100HZ2.9dielectric dissipation factor  100HZ2.66×10-3Frequency electrical strength(Normal oil, rapid pressurization)KV/mm17.1Tracking resistanceGrade1A 4.5Use area: Medium and low voltage resistance cable accessories, indoor and outdoor cold shrinking terminal, insulators, etc..Package: 20Kg/Barrel,200kg metal drums. It can be stored half a year in normal temperature..Storage:Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 moths of storage period. 


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