Polyether Silicone Oil RH-1210

Polyether silicone oil RH-1210Product Name:Polyether silicone oil RH-1210 Main Composition:PEG500 polydimethylsiloxaneSpecifications: Appearances: light yellow transparent liquidViscosity(25℃mm²·mpa.s):1500-4000Refractive index(25°C): 1.420~1.430Characters:Polyether silicone oil RH-1210 has the property of leveling,Website:http://www.runhechemical.com,defoaming,wetting, emulsification and smoothening.Usage:1.Defoamer or the active base materials of defoamer.2.Leveling agent of coatings and paints,hand feeling agent.3.(W/O) emulsifier,etc.Package and storage:25kg/drum,200KG/drum or IBC drum.Store in the cool and dry place,avoid direct light. Storage period is24 months,once  expired,it can still be used after passing inspection.


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