Silicone Defoamer RH-NB-9501

Product Information【Product Name】Defoamer RH-NB-9501【Introduction 】Defoamer RH-9501 is special organic silicone emulsion,Website:, withextremely low surface tension, it can eliminate formed foam and control thereformation of foam. As a multi-functional defoamer, it can control and eliminate thefoam caused to dyes and auxiliaries by mechanism during the process which canprevent colour failure and dye stain.【Advantage】(1) Excellent de-foaming and anti-foaming properties.(2) Strong acid and alkali resistance properties(3) Good compatibility with other auxiliaries(4) No demulsification and oil separation out.【Basic Character】Appearance: white to light yellow latexIonic: non-ionicPH Value: 6.0-7.0 (1% water solution)Dissolution: can dissolve in the water in any proportion【Application】(1) De-foaming for the pre-treatment(2) De-foaming and anti-foaming during the dyeing process(3) De-foaming for the treatment of polluted water【Usage amount for reference 】Defoamer RH-9501 0.05-0.5g/L(according to the usage and requirement)Because of the small amount of the usage, in order to measure accurately, it is betterto dilute the original liquid 5-10times, then weight the amount required. Test andconfirm the detail amount before the usage. Take care of over use, or it will causeadverse reaction.Note: Take care of airproof after the open. Avoid direct exposure in the sun【Package】50Kg or 120Kg Plastic barrel【Storage】Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. Half a year of storage period.


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