Buffer Acid RH-NB-2303

Product Information【Product Name】 Cushion acid RH-NB-2303【Introduction】Cushion acid RH-NB-2303 is a compound of varied organic acid. Main use control PH in dyeing process and finish process.【Advantage】(1) Non volatile,Website:http://www.runhechemical.com, Stable. Can instead of majority acid in textile process. Especially substitute of acetic acid.  (2) Substitute of acetic acid in dyeing process. stable PH. Make fabric have color reproducibility. Stable quality.(3) Can reach core of fiber. Have excellent ability to neutral surplus alkaline in fiber.(4) Can remove H2O2 after bleach process. maintain brightness(5) Special chemical structure. No erode to metal basic of process equipment.(6) Easy biodegradation. Much Lower than COD of acetic acid.【Basic Character】Appearance: colorless or weak yellow liquidMixture: can mixture with different surfactant. but not with dyesSolubility : soluble in water any ratio【Application】Apply for all kinds of cushion process in textile treatment and all kinds of  dyes process in acid bath【Usage amount for reference 】 Cushion acid RH-NB-2303: 0.2-2.0 g/l  (Usage depend on concrete process)dilute 10 times before useNote: This Product have strong corrosive. Forbid to touch skin directly. If touched. Please use wet towel  absorb it immediately. Washed by water.【Package】50Kg or 120Kg Plastic barrel【Storage】Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. Half a year of storage period.


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