High Temperature Leveling Agent RH-NB-2116

Product Information【Product Name】High temperature leveling agent RH-NB-2116【Introduction】High temperature leveling agent is a compound of varied special surfactant. Suit for polyester fiber and Super fine polyester fiber’s dipping dyeing process.【Advantage】 (1)Excellent leveling. It can adjust fiber’s initial dyeing ratio. Coordinate different type dyes’ dyeing rate. (2)Excellent Migration rate and penetrating ability. Promote absorb dyes. (3)Excellent disperse ability at high temperature. Anti -dyes assemble and form crystal. Promote dyes inflate from out to inner of fiber. Improve dyes use ratio. (4)Can improve dyes’ solubility. and disperse low polymer to anti-bath pollution. (5)Litter decolorative and have pure shade. With good dyeing reproducibility. (6)Low foam and keep right flow ratio of pump. no influence of cloth flow speed.【Basic Character】 Appearance: light yellow liquid Cationic: non-cationic PH: 6.5-7(1% water solution) Solubility: soluble in water at any ratio【Application】 Dyes: disperse dyes Fiber: polyester fiber and Super fine polyester Equipment: high temperature and high pressure jet and overflow machine【Usage amount for reference 】 Dilute to 1:3~5 before useDipping:RH-NB-2116Dilution 1~3g/L Bath rate 1∶10~20 pH Value 4.5~5.5 Temperature and Time 120~130℃×30~60min【Package】50Kg or 120Kg Plastic barrel 【Storage】Stock in cool space. One year stock period Website:http://www.runhechemical.com


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