Multi-functional Scouring Agent RH-NB-1101H

Product Information【Product Name】Mulit-functional Scoring Agent RH-NB-1101H【Introduction】Mulit-functional Scoring Agent RH-NB-1101H is multi-functional pre-treatment chemical of complex by several chemicals. It has strong properties of washing,Website:, dispersing, emulsifying and chelating, particularly applicable to bath pre-treatment of cotton and terylene/cotton blended textiles. It can replace caustic soda, soda ash, penetrant, scouring agent, and H2O2-bleach stablizer, etc. It will not damage the fibres. The fabrics will be with smoothness, good whiteness, good and uniform capillary effect. Simple use, with good repetition of procession, which can reduce cost significantly. 【Advantage】(1) It can remove sizing material of textiles effectively.(2) It can remove the wax, pectin and other impurities of cotton fibers effectively.(3) It can endow the treated textiles smooth surface and excellent capillary effect and whiteness. (4) Mild, and will not damage the fibers. 【Basic Character】Appearance: Parchment to light yellow powder. Ionic: AnionPH Value: 10.5-11.5(1% water solution)Dissolution: Dissolve in warm water completely【Application】Bath Pre-treatment of fibrin fibres and its blended woven, knitting textiles and yarn. 【Usage amount for reference 】 (1) Pre-treatment of bobbin yarn : Multi-functional Scoring Agent RH-NB-1101     1.5-2g/LH2O2 (30%)    2-5mlBath rate     1:8(2) Pre-treatment of cotton knitting textilesMulti-functional Scoring Agent RH-NB-1101       1-3g/LH2O2 (30%)    3-6mlBath rate     1:10Note: If used together with other finishing agent, please do the compatibility test firstly.【Package】20Kg/Bag【Storage】Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. One year of storage period. Heal when take the product. 


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