Softener Pearl

Hemispherical Softener PearlHemispherical softener pearl is a weak cationic and nonionic synthetic soft agent.It is widely used in the cotton,Website:,polyester cotton and other chemical fiber fabrics to get excellent soft fluffy hand feelings.【Advantage】 (1)It can be diluted with cold water.Immerse the softener pearl with 3-5 times of water about 2 hours.Then stir continously,meanwhile add water till the concentration suits your request, continue to stir for 30 minutes untill it is solved completely and emulsified.(2)It can be storaged for longer time than softener flakes and will not become cake and invalid due to its hemispherical.(3)Not containing silicone,low foam,no sticking to the jar,easy to be gotten rid of and no effect on the redye.(4)High price performance ratio,soft fluffy hand feelings,no color change.(5)It can be used in the same bath with cationic fixative. 【Basic Character】Appearance: Light yellow hemispherical solidIonic: Weak CationicPH Value: 6-7(10% water solution)Solubility:soluble in the water.【Application】Handle finishing of cotton,cotton blended fabrics.【Usage amount for reference 】 Dissolution method: 1.Dissolve by cold water:Put this product to 20℃-30℃ cold water at the rate of 6%~10%(1 time pearl, 9~15times cold water),meanwhile stir it to avoid adhesion.when the solution become thickness, soft pearls become white and soft, and the pearl dissolve in the solution evenly, stop stirring, then can use it as normal softener.2.Dissolve by hot water: Immerse it in the cold water for 10-15 minutes at the rate of 6%~10%, stir and gradually heating to 70℃-80℃, soft pearl will dissolve completely,and become milky cream to use.        Dipping Process:10% softener pearl 3~10g/L    Padding Process:10% softener pearl  10~50g/L    Please decide the final dosage and the operations according to the equipment and conditions. 【Packing】:25kg bag.【Notice】Waterproof, prevent extrusion, stacking height should not exceed 8 layer, Storage time:1 year.


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