Silicone Oil For Personal Care Products RH-109

Silicone Oil for Personal Care Products RH-109INCI Name:PEG-10/Lauryl Dimethicone crosspolymer-Introduction:Silicone oil for Personal Care Products RH-109 is a polyether - alkyl dimethicone copolymer (Lauryl PEG-10 dimethicone),Website:, used as emulsifier to prepare the high oil content of W/O and O/W type cosmetic emulsion, especially applicable to mineral oil and paraffin oil-based W/O type cosmetics.It can get stable, non-sticky and high durable cream even adding about 75% of  water.It make skin glossy, moisturizing.Short absorption, no sticky and greasy feeling after absorption. Main component:PEG-10 Lauryl dimethylpolysiloxane crosspolymerAdvantage:1. Makes very stable W/O emulsions. 2. Co-emulsifier for O/W emulsions.3. No sticky and greasy feel.4. Moisturizing and protective 5. Easy to spread.6. Light, hair and skin conditioning propertiesSpecifications:Appearance: transparent to slightly hazy, amber liquid Viscosity (25℃):800-1000csUsage: Efficient emulsifier used to prepare W/O emulsions with excellent stability, flexibility and aesthetic at high water concentration.  Many uses in skin care products such as:  Main emulsifier for water-in-oil creams and lotions: protective cream, cleansing lotion, night cream, sunscreen cream, baby cream, dry skin cream and lotion, moisturizing cream, foundation, hand and body cream and lotion.  Allows the preparation of multiple emulsions (water/oil/water, or W/O/W) and water in wax emulsions.  Co-emulsifier for oil-in water creams and lotions.  Light hair conditioning when formulated into shampoos. Recommended use dosage is about 2 % in W/O emulsions.Recommended use dosage is about  0.5- 0.9% in O/W emulsion as an efficient co-emulsifier.It is recommended to check the formulation carefully if polar materials, sunscreen actives or pigments need to be added. This is to ensure that the formulation is well within the capabilities of the emulsifier.When transferring a formulation from lab to industrial scale, shear rate and speed of water addition needs to be carefully monitored to ensure good results.Storage:Sealed packaging below 25℃.30 months of Storage period. Packing:20kg,25kg,200kg drum.


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