Coating Wetting Agent RH-1245

Coating Super Wetting Agent RH-T1245A super silicone wetting agent for substrate material and acts as an anti-shrink hole additive.Component:polyether modified polysiloxaneCharacter:A special polyether modified siloxane,Website:,which has super wetting properties.It improves the spreading and substrate wetting,especially for non-metal substrate material. (1) Good compatibility.(2) Good repaintability(3) Anti-cratering.(4) Improve the substrate wetting effectively, can achieve full performance at very low use-levels.(5) Applied to water-based and solvent based system.Specifications:Appearance: Colorless to amber transparent oily liquid Viscosity: 60-150cpsActive content: 100%Flash point :>100℃Reflexable index: 1.450-1.460Usage:Used as the substrate wetting agent for solvent-based,water-based coatings and pinting inks.The recommended dosage is .01-1.0% of the total fomulationsPacking:25Kg /200Kg plastic drum/iron drum or according to customer’s request. Transportation and storage:Transportation as non-dangerous goods.. Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 12 months of storage period. 


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