Fast Violet RL-R Pigment

Product Name Pigment Violet 23 Place of Origin Zhejiang ,Website:,China   Usage Reddish, Industrial Paints, Coiling Coatings, Textile Printings, Water-base Inks, UV Inks, PVC, Powder Coatings, Water-base Decorative Paints, Solvent-base Decorative Paints, OEM Paints, NC Inks, PO, PU Brand Name RIWA Type P.V.23 MOQ 100kg Style organic Pigment Sample available Specifications Fast Violet RL-R Packaging Details complex bag/carton/drum Delivery Details 30 days Product description Color Index Pigment Violet 23 C.I. No. 51319 CAS No. 6358-30-1 Chemical Group Dioxaxine Physical Data Moisture (%) ≤1.5 Water Soluble Matter (%) ≤1.5 Oil Absorption (ml/100g) 40-50 Electric Conductivity (us/cm) ≤500 Fineness (80mesh) % ≤5.0 PH Value 5.0-6.0 Fastness Properties (5=excellent, 1=poor) Acid Resistance 5 Alkali Resistance 5 Alcohol Resistance 5 Ester Resistance 5 Benzene Resistance 5 Ketone Resistance 5 Soap Resistance 5 Bleeding Resistance 5 Migration Resistance 5 Heat Resistance (℃) 280 Light Fastness (8=excellent) 8


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