Gamma-Cyclodextrin is a ring-shaped molecule made up of eight glucose units linked by alpha-1,4-bonds. The annular structure of gamma-cyclodextrin forms a hydrophobic cavity that allows incorporation and solubilization of a variety of organic molecules, while the hydrophilic outer surface makes gamma-cyclodextrin water-soluble.
Gamma-Cyclodextrin can be used as a carrier for flavours, sweeteners, and colours. It is also proposed for use as a carrier for vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids and as a flavour modifier. The estimated three-day average daily intake of gamma-cyclodextrin when used at a maximum level in 19 foods was 4g, and the 90th percentile intake was 7.5g.
1. Appearance: White powder
2. Assay≥ 98.0%
3. Loss on Drying≤ 11.0%
4. Residue on Ignition≤ 0.1%
5. Specific Rotationt +172°~+178°
6. Heavy metal≤ 5µg/g
7. As≤ 1.3µg/g
8. Total bacteria count≤ 1000pcs/g
9. Moulds and yeasts≤ 200pcs/g
10. Escherichia coli: negative


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