Leucomycin Tartrate

Other name: kitasamycin tartrate
Character: white or pale yellow powder
Action of pharmacology:
it works on 50S ribosome subunit of the sensible bacteria to refrain from the synthesizing bacterial protein by prohibition of peptide transfer action or m RNA shift.
Features:1.Soluble powder. For the main ingredient is also water-soluble, it can be administrated by mix drink as its unique feature.
2. Broad spectrum of action, high efficacy. It has an obvious effect on gram positive bacteria, part of negative bacteria,leptospira, rickettsia and large virus etc.It has a special effect on the mycoplasma. It’s more effective on the drug resistance golden staphylococcus than that of the penicillin,chloramphenicol,tetracycline,erythromycin.
3. Quick absorption.It can reach the tissue organs in a short time and maintain higer blood concentration for a long time in the blood and lung tissue.
4. Good growth promotion action.The drug can promote livestock’s growth effectively and improve fodder’s efficiency to raise fodder’s recompensation.
5. Low toxicity and residue. It’s a safe antibiotic for livestock use.
Indication: It’s used for infective diseases caused by gram positive bacteria and mycoplasma, such as chicken staphylococcus disease,streptococcus disease,mycoplasma disease, intestinal and respiratory tract infection caused by swine dysentery treponeme, clostridium, swine pneumonia mycoplasma etc.
Usage and dosage: Chicken: put 0.5-1g into 1L water using for 3-5 continuous days.
Swine: put 0.2-0.4g into 1L water using for 3-5 continuous days
Attention Items: Don’t use during the laying period.
Withdrawal period: 7 days
Specification: 50%



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