Lemon Balm Extract

Xi'an Green Life Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading lemon balm extract suppliers and manufacturers, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you pure natural, 100% natural, Kosher certified and ISO certified lemon balm extract, melissa extract, melissa officinalis, rosmarinic acid, zitronenmelisse, lemon balm p.e, welcome to buy cheap, low price, hot sell and high quality factory supply lemon balm extract from us.Number: GLBT-R001 Name: Lemon balm ExtractLatin name: Melissa officinalisAppearance: Brownish-yellow powderFunctions:1. Anti-aging effect.2. Strong weight-losing effect.3. Anti-cancer effect and can be used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.4. A natural antioxidant, which is widely used in food, functional foods, spices and condiments and daily chemical industries.Specifications: NameSpecificationsContentTest method Lemon balm ExtractRosmarinic acid 0.3% 1% 3% 5%HPLCMaterial powder80 meshTLC10:180 meshTLCPacking: 25kg/drum, packing in paper drum and two plastic-bags inside. Storage: Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/ heat.


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