Silica For Food Additives

SILICA FOR FOOD ADDITIVESThis product has properties such as good fluidity,Website:, high porosity, and strong adsorption. It is used in the food industry as carrier for its thickening, anti-caking, and anti-mildew functions. This product is suitable for the mechanized and automated production process in the food industry, and it can also be applied to improve food variety and taste.JS-96 SILICA FOR FOOD ADDITIVESTest MethodsPropertiesUnitsTarget Values(Spec Limits)Actual ValuesGB25576-2010Loss on drying (2Hrs,105℃)%Max.6.55.0GB25576-2010Ignition loss 1000℃%Max.8.58.5GB25576-2010SiO2  (Dry Basis)%Min.9698GB25576-2010Pb contentmg/kgMax.51GB25576-2010Heavy metal content (Pb)mg/kgMax.30﹤30GB25576-2010As contentmg/kgMax.30.82GB/T13082Gd contentmg/kgMax.0.50.01GB25576-2010Soluble salt%Max.4.00.85Packing MethodLDPE liners wrapped with laminated HDPEAlso available in EVA bag inner packingPacking Bags Available(Standard Bags) HDPE20kgsShipmentNET WEIGHT PER BAGSHIPMENT  ( MT )(KGS)TRUCK LOADCONTAINELOADUNPALLETIZEDPALLETIZED20' FCL40' H.C.FCL20' FCL40' H.C. FCL20.0099197.815.4


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