Silica For Industrial And Agricultural Chemicals

SILICA FOR AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALSThis product has high transparency,Website:, high oil absorption, and high dispersion. It is used as carrier or diluent/disintegrant in agrochemical products such as pesticides and high-efficiency spraying fertilizers. Water dispersible granules using silica as disintegrant will have greater suspension rate and long-lasting effect, because the ultra-high surface area of silica possesses properties of high absorption force, easy suspension, good affinity, and chemical stability.JS-260 SILICA FOR AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS Test MethodsPropertiesUnitsTarget Values(Spec Limits)Actual ValuesHG/T3065-2008Loss on drying (2Hrs,105℃)%4.0-7.05.18HG/T3066-2008Ignition loss 1000℃%Max.7.04.48HG/T3072-2008DBP absorption valuecm3/g3.2-3.83.48HG/T3067-2008pH value (10%aqueous suspension)—6.0-8.06.95HG/T3062-2008SiO2  (Dry Basis)%Min.9698HG/T3073-1999BET specific surface aream2/g—276Soluble salt(Na2SO4)%Max.1.50.74Packing MethodLDPE liners wrapped with laminated HDPEAlso available in EVA bag inner packingPacking Bags Available(Standard Bags) HDPE20kgsShipmentNET WEIGHT PER BAGSHIPMENT  ( MT )(KGS)TRUCK LOADCONTAINELOADUNPALLETIZEDPALLETIZED20' FCL40' H.C.FCL20' FCL40' H.C. FCL20.0099197.815.4


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