Na2so4 Transparent Filler Masterbatch For Injection Molding And Extrusion Molding

Product Description:Na2SO4 transparent filler masterbatch is a kind of transparent filler masterbatch.It compound superfine Na2SO4 powder, carrier resin and some plastic additives. It's suitable for film blowing, extrusion molding, injection molding, etc.Product Data:NameNa2SO4 transparent filler masterbatch( film blowing, blown film)FillerNa2SO4Mesh800~1500Filler content≤75%CarrierPP/PEMFI ( g/10min )2~8Density ( g/cm3)1.5~1.7Moisture≤0.01%Adding ration5~50%ApplicationBlow molding, film blowing, injection molding, etc.Payment termsTT , LC etc.Delivery timeLess than 15 daysPacking25kg/bag, use compound woven bags and compound plastic bag in it, or customized.MOQ1 tonStorageKeep the products in a dry, ventilated place, Note to avoid moisture, insolation, rain and breakage in transportation.Product Advantages:1.High transparent and brightness, the refractive index is similar to PP/PE.2.Good dispersion, more gloss surface.3.The high adding ratio is more than 50%.4.Improve the plastic products’ mechanical properties5.Increase the intensity and rigidity.6.Economical, save cost.Application:Recommend ModelApplicationG-1CUsed for blow film, such as mulch film, perforated film.G-1AMainly for blow film, also applied for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion. Such as packaging film, hollow sheet, semitransparent pipes, bottles and buckets, board and sheet.G-1A+Better transparency, and the application are the same as item G-1A.G-1ATused for all application above. Customization is also accepted.Our Company: Established in 2008, Zibo Holy Masterbatch Co.,Ltd is one of the leading plastic masterbatch manufacturer in China, located in Eastern Chemical Zone of Zibo, Shandong, China. The premises cover production capacity of 30,000 tons annually, 11,000 square meters, 10 high intelligent and automatic production lines. The main products include the filler masterbatch, desiccant masterbatch and color masterbatch.Our Products:Certification:Warm prompt:If you need more information, please contact us directly.


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