Nano CaCO3 For Plastic Adhesive And Sealants

Nano CaCO3 for Plastic Adhesive and Sealants  (NCC-602 FOR ADHESIVE)Nano CaCO3 NCC-602, according to the special surface making, is the Nano active calcium carbonate, which is used as strengthening agent and filling dose in series of sealed mucilage glues like organic silicon, polyurethane epoxy, PVC resin, latex and so on. There are some characters as following when used in silicon and ketone sealed  mucilage glues: better complementing function, improving the cohesion of glue, supplying better changing capability, reducing the pendulous speed, improving the effect of opening cans, and preventing sinking, increasing extruding capability, providing nice processing function, being easy to disperse, substituting expensive silicon dioxide, decreasing cost, production techniques can be controlled and modified, and can satisfy various requirements. TYPICAL VALUESNCC-602Technical guidelinesAppearanceWhite powderSpecific gravity, dry basis (g/cm3)2.5-2.6Bulk density (g/ml)0.68Particle size (nm)15-40Surface area (BET) (m2/g)≥40Whiteness (%)≥94Particle shapeCubicPH8.5-9.5Moisture content(wt) (%)≤0.5Oil absorption (g/100g)≤32CaCO3 (wt) dry basis (modified) (%)≥94.5Activity %≥95Surface modificationYesProduct packing25 kg complex paper bag  


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