Nano Calcium Carbonate For Pvc Products

Nano Calcium Carbonate for PVC products (NCC-202 FOR PVC Product)Our company produce the PVC special-purpose nano precipitated calcium carbonate to have the small particle size, narrow distributed, the relative surface accumulates big, the albedo high, the surface activity high and the dispersity good, with PVC plastic affinity good, fills in completely is big, may achieve the packing and makes up the strong dual function, reduces the PVC resin the amount used, obviously reduces the production cost, enhances the market competitive power.This nano calcium carbonate may widely apply in the PVC electric wire, the cable armor colloidal particle, makes the auxiliaries to use; Uses in the PVC thin film, the rolling membrane; Uses in the PVC building materials, like the senior ultra thin different molding, the plastic windows and doors, the window, the electricity trunking, may increase the product surface evenness and the smooth finish; Uses in PVC being soft, the hard tubing; Uses in a toy PVC plastic grain of manufacture; Uses in making the shoe industry the colloidal particle manufacture, like the PVC shoe sole and for decorative or ornamental purpos pastes the piece.  TYPICAL VALUESNCC-202Technical guidelinesAppearanceWhite powderSpecific gravity, dry basis  (g/cm3)2.5-2.6Bulk density  g/ml0.68Whiteness %≥95Particle size (avg), nm15-40Particle shapeCubicCaCO3 dry basis (modified)  (%)≥94.5PH8.0-9.0Moisture content  (wt)  %≤0.5Activity %≥95MgO %≤0.5Oil absorption (g/100g)≤33Surface modificationYes   Product packing             25kg woven bag   


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