Coated Calcium Carbonate For Pvc Pipe, Pvc Cable And Plastic Film

Coated Calcium Carbonate for pvc pipe, pvc cable and plastic filmThe superfine special coated calcium carbonate for plastic are functionality fillers which our company is specialized in researching and developing according to the characteristics and process performance of plastic industry. They select high purity and high whiteness calcite as raw material. These coated calcium carbonate are produced through the advanced technology of "wet process" and "wed surface compound" and the process of drying in static station and constant temperature for multi-sections and secondary depolymerization. Their particle size is not only super fine but average size is under 1um after grind in multi-sections and surface polishing treatment. Particle size distributes narrowly and shape is similar to sphericity. Which will not occur abrasion to equipment and inner oil absorption, can reduce to absorb other unnecessary additives in plastic process. These heavy calcium carbonate are made from high purity and high whiteness calcite as raw material, so there is no toxin and taste and will not affect other additives. These calcium carbonate use large-scale slurry pool, and are treated equably, so the quality is stable, they are compatible with resin very well after surface is activated treatment.Main ApplicationUse for varies plastic products such as plastic film, plastic pipe, cable. 


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