Antimicrobial Preservatives in Food E-Polylysine

Basic InfoModel NO.:EPLAComposition:E-PolylysineType:Beverage PreservativesEffect:AntisepticResource:Natural Preservatives E-polylysine is a naturally produced, cationic homopolymer of 25-30 L-lysine(due to Streptomyces albulus fermentation. ), which was connected by E-amido bond compounded by a e-amido of l-lysine and a e-carboxyl of another l-lysine. E-polylysine Effect1> E-polylysine can greatly inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds bacteria, especially to the Gram+ bacteria which can't easily inhibit by others. 2> As a good preservative, E-PL is characterized as being high safety, water-soluble, stable at high temperatures, widely usage, non prejudice to the taste, antibacterial in neutral or subacidity conditions. 3> Because of the stability at high temperatures, it can inhibit some heat-resistant bacillus after heat treatment and some tadpole-form noncontractile siphovirus as well. 4> E - PL can stop small intestine fat absorption through inhibiting pancreatic lipase activities, so it can be the diet therapy for obese patients. 5> Besides, E - PL also can be used in cosmetics, disinfectant or cleaner for food machinery or hutch, etc. Packaging & ShippingPackages: Strong damp-proof, water-proof packing1kg, 2kg, 25kg or packed to customer's requirements. Our ServicesWe are professional manufacturer. The following services are offered: => Service of OEM brand=> Processing / Wholesale / Retail=> Other quality service with best price! Company InformationBiological, Natural, Favorable __BNF__Essence of BaiNaFo ProductsBainafo Bioengineering Co., Ltd. Was founded in December, 2007 with registered capital of 10 million RMB and a production area of 55, 000 square meters. We are a high-tech enterprise researching and producing all sorts of natural biological products, such as organic food additives and pharmaceutical intermediates. We have 120 employees, and 90% of the employees have received post-secondary education or above. We have obtained ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and ISO22000: 2006 food safety management system certifications. Currently, we have a set of patented technology and products with our own intellectual property rights. Welcome to our factory for a visitFAQPhysical and Chemical PropertiesAppearance and Physical State: Highly hygroscopic pale yellow powderMelting Point: 172.8 ° CSolubility in Water: SolubleMolecular Weight: 4700 g/mol (degree of polymerization = 30)Shelf life: Two years in cool (0-20° C), dry conditions, away from direct sunlight in original unopened packs. For more details, please feel free to contact me, any inquiry from you is appreciated!     ITEM STANDARD Description Pale yellow powder ε-Polylysine Purity ≥95% Loss on drying ≤8% Residue on ignition ≤1% Heavy metals ≤20ppm Arsenic ≤4ppmProduct Description


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