Barium Strontium Titanate

CAS No.:12430-73-8                                 MF: BaSrTiO3 EINECS No.: 235-659-5                              Molecular Weight: 336.8116 InChI: InChI=1/Ba.4O.Sr.Ti                           Appearance: White or beige powderBarium Strontium Titanate  Technology ParametersItemUnitSpecBST mol ratio0.99~1.01Particle size (D50)μm0.5~3.0CI-wt%<0.05Na2O+K2Owt%<0.05S2+wt%<0.05H2Owt%﹤0.5Ignition Losswt%<1.0Other contentAdjustableSizeAdjustablePacking25 kg PE liner Kraft paperApplications: As a basic dielectric formulated material, Barium strontium titanate is widely applied to the electron-ceramics field such as Capacitor,VDR, PTC,Optical Glass and Toner


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