C3H7NO N,N-Dimethylformamide Phenylamine

Two methyl formamide on various polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, polyacrylonitrile, polyamide are good solvent, can be used for wet spinning polyacrylonitrile fiber, synthetic fiber, polyurethane synthesis; used plastic film; also can be used for the removal of paint remover paint; it can dissolve some low solubility of the pigment, the pigment characteristics with dyes. Two DMF for aromatics extraction and separation for recovery of butadiene from carbon four fraction separation and recovery of isoprene from five fractions of carbon, can be used as effective reagents for separation of non hydrocarbon components from paraffin. It dissolved in benzene two formic acid and terephthalic acid have good selectivity, solubility of benzene two formic acid in two DMF in more than terephthalic acid, solvent extraction or partial crystallization in two formic acid formamide, separated in oil. Chemical industry, two DMF can be used as gas absorbent, used for separating and purifying gas. In polyurethane industry washing as curing agent, mainly used for wet synthetic leather production; used as a solvent in the acrylic fiber industry, mainly for the production of dry spinning acrylic fiber; in the electronics industry as the quenching tin parts and circuit board cleaning etc. the carrier; other industries including dangerous gas, drug crystallization solvent, adhesive and so on. In organic reactions, two DMF is not only widely used as the reaction solvent, is also the important intermediate of organic synthesis. The pesticide industry can be used in the production of Chlordimeform; pharmaceutical industry can be used in the synthesis of iodine amine pyrimidine, doxycycline, cortisone, vitamin B6, Idoxuridine, monopar, antiminth, N- formylmerphalan, sarcolysin, 3P, Bian mustine, CCNU, FT-207, tranexamic acid, times Mimatsu, megestrol acetate, trithioanethol, chlorpheniramine, sulfa drug production. Dimethyl formamide in hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, dehydration and de hydrohalogenation reaction has catalytic effect, lower the reaction temperature, the purity of the product increased.Two methyl formamide (DMF) is a kind of transparent liquid, with water and most organic solvents miscible. It is commonly used as solvent for chemical reactions. Two pure DMF is odorless, but industrial grade or bad two DMF is the smell of fish, because of its impurities containing two methyl amine the name is derived. Because it is formamide (acid amide) two methyl substituents and two methyl groups are located in the n (n) atom. Two methyl formamide is polarity high boiling point (hydrophilic) aprotic solvents can promote SN2 reaction mechanism of methyl two. Is the use of acetic acid and amide two methyl amine manufacturing. Two methyl formamide is unstable in alkali such as sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid in the presence of (especially at high temperature), and hydrolysis of formic acid and two methyl amine.Hcon (CH3) 2 - H20 (CH3) 2nh hcooh. 


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